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Ocean protection NOW! Help us ban microplastics in cosmetics!

A project from Ocean. Now!
in Berlin, Germany

Ocean. Now! is an ocean protection NGO contributing to the Sustainable Development Goal 14 – “Life below Water” – of the Paris Climate Agreement with art.

Meike Schützek
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About this project

The Time to Save the Ocean is Now

Ocean.Now! is a young NGO, who aims to raise awareness of the damage being done and condition of our seas through public relations and dialogue between science, business, the educational sector, art and politics. 

By using art, we want to viscerally highlight current environmental problems in the oceans and, thereby, stimulate dialogue between politicians and citizens. The destruction of the source of all life on earth, the oceans, demands that we fight vigorously NOW.

For this reason, we are cooperating in our first campaign "Microplasstics in Cosmetics and Cleaning Products" with the artist Swaantje Güntzel. Together we used her piece "Microplastics II", which illustrates the destructive character of microplastics, and projected it onto significant locations within Berlin to attract attention to our petition under the motto #banmicroplastics. 

Currently, we are collecting donations for our collective actions at partner events as the UN Ocean Conference 2020 in Lisbon and at public climate protection protests - because climate protection is linked very closely to ocean protection, the ocean cools the planet's warming by 90%!  As Ocean. Now! is an educational project, we are fostering political education to everyone in workshops, for example. The goal is to enhance the knowledge our society has for the Sustainable Development Goal 14 - "Life below Water' - of the Paris Climate Agreement and to motivate citizens to take action; because there is no time to leave next generations to set the course for tomorrow!