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„KidsCanHeal“ - A charity project of the university Hospital Saarland

Homburg, Germany

Together with the University Hospital Saarland, by walking from Denmark to Santiago will raise 1 Eurocent per meter, to support children with terminal disease s. How many meters do we walk together?

Uwe Dannheisig from Förderverein altersübergreifende Palliativmedizin
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Together with the Palliativ Unit and the children pain center of the university Hospital Saarland, leaded by Prof. Dr. Sven Gottschling, we want to collect donations for different projects like:

- Scientific research projects for how to use Cannabinoide (CBD and THC) in the Treatments of Kids with diseases like Terminal cancer, Mukoviszidose and/or Pain treatment
- Expanding the Palliativ Unit from 19 beds Update to 30 beds.
- Rebuilding the Palliativ Unit to give the patients and their relatives the possibility to welcome death in a calm and positive atmosphere
- Fullfilling last wishes of Kids whom face a near death.

Especially the group of sick kids is to small as there is a lot of money for scientific research or a lot of budgets. And also the money from the healthcare system as by far not enough to allow this little patients and their relatives to face the death in a dignified atmosphere. Here it is up to everyone of us to help as much as we are able to. This can be a financial donation (you will have a tax receipt) , a proper donation or just by sharing this project in your personal network.

In the name of the University Hospital Saarland, the patients and their relatives i would like to say thank you for your great support and that you took time to pay attention to „KidsCanHeal“

Under the tag „KidsCanHeal“ you will find us on Facebook and Instagram, because Sharing is Caring.

More information (only in german) you will find here: