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Closed Help Joshua Aromin battle ADD/ADHD to be a Pilot

cavite, Philippines

Closed Help Joshua Aromin battle ADD/ADHD to be a Pilot

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Please help Joshua Adonis Aromin achieve his dream of being a pilot by giving him financial aid in his special education and ADD?ADHD treatment

m. aromin from m. arominWrite a message

Our son, Joshua Adonis Aromin, was diagnosed with Inattention Deficit Disorder w/ symptoms of ADHD. His doctor recommended he undergo occupational therapy and speech therapy. And since he can't focus well and disrupts the class, he's advised to have a special education. Special education is expensive, plus the occupational and speech therapy. The school/clinic being recommended was far away, and fares and expenses add to the burden. My husband and I are government employees, but we are also the care taker of my aged mother 71, who has diabetes and heart condition. We provide for her maintenance and expenses, plus our two children. We worry about Joshua's future, since, his doctor strongly advised that we have to put him in a sped school, while having his therapies. It will be of great help to us if we could put him in a special education school, while having his therapies. Our son is a gifted artist, he can draw well those things that interest him most out of memory. He has a way with colors, and how to mix them together to achieve great effects. He likes airplanes and ships, especially those warships of big countries. We know he can be a great pilot or seaman someday. The help of the members of this community will greatly affect his life, our life, and maybe someday, the world, if he is to become a military pilot. Thank you, and God bless.