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Support volunteers in an inclusion community

A project from IN VIA Köln. e.V.
in Erie, Pennsylvania, USA

“I am struck by how sharing our weakness and difficulties is more nourishing to others than sharing our qualities and successes.” - Jean Vanier We value and promote the unique gifts of each other. Support me as a volunteer in L'Arche Erie.

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About this project

You can hear it all the time: " I should " , "I could " , " I would " ... Procrastination as a phenomenon of the young society. You can find them everywhere, dreamy young people who would like to change something, but do not. But is it not us, the young people, who have the positive energy to make things happen? Why not support children in their development, help them, or just make them laugh? Why not cooperate, get involved, and be a part of an equal, peaceful inclusion community? How can we wish to change something in this world without really doing anything for it? Mere thoughts do not lead to solutions. I stopped living in my thoughts and started to realize my goals. That's why I decided to do a voluntary service.

I share my life and energy with the people in L'Arche Erie. L’Arche is a community in which everybody is valued and a place where individual talents are recognized and promoted. People with disabilities, our Coremembers, and Live-in-assistants live together in shared homes. We work together to support each other and live full lives.

 If you have recognized the need for young committed people, support me!