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Health care for poor people in Nepal

A project from TCM-Sozialforum - Chinesische Medizin über Grenzen
in Chirtungdhara, Nepal

Help in reduce the rural exodus. Establish a College of Natural Medicine, teaching medical staff in a very effective low cost treatment methode and adopt sponsorships.

S. Köhn-Pandey
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About this project

In this project we are working with a local NGO, CCODER, whose main elements are education, organization and socio-economic development (employment, health care). The aim of the project is to enable people in remote areas, a future that offers them what they need to live, to thereby reduce the rural exodus. By the migration of young men and even few women in the village remain only mothers with children and the elderly, as well sick people. This means an easy target for rebels and others criminals. In contrast, a bigger population density in cities. Slums are spreading and, consequently, drug abuse, HIV / AIDS and other diseases. Our reconnaissance mission in the last year and the ongoing negotiations with government departments, health clinics, medical staff, hospitals and CCODER brought the need for an inexpensive, highly effective treatment method for all. We will start our pilot project in the district of Palpa in September with 3 acupuncture therapists and there begin the training of health workers in health centers in basic acupuncture. The project will be supervised for three years. During this time we will provide the health centers with acupuncture needs and teaching materials, and ensure in our absence, a remote monitoring. To promote the independence of the project, we will support the preparation of moxa (Artemisia, a plant for incineration on acupuncture points) and needles. In the future new health clinics are built, if necessary. We participate in the establishment of a College of Natural Medicine and accept sponsorships for young trainees.