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Closed Multifunctional building sports grounds SFC Kaiserslautern

Kaiserslautern, Germany

Closed Multifunctional building sports grounds SFC Kaiserslautern

Kaiserslautern, Germany

We promote youth football in Kaiserslautern & surrounding area, we need a new changing section for the junior footballers

SFC Kaiserslautern from Sport-und Fußball Club Kaiserslautern e.V | 
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About this project

Passion!!! That is waht soccer is for all our members...children,young adults,parents and the coaches.
The SFC Kaiserslautern e.V. promotes youth soccer in Kaiserslautern and the surrounding area. Our training club's primary focus is working with players between 6 and 13 years old.Our  #1 priority is the developmental growth of our players, vice the results of the game. The goal is to teach all the important soccer-specific techniques and characteristics in an age range that plays the most important role for the future of s soccer player.
In order to promote our vision and sustain our standards,there is a high demand for professionally trained coaches as well as hace access to quality facilities. Can you imagine a better workplace for our children and adolescents?

In March 2017, the maintenance contracts for the players'cabins and the showers were terminated.We recognize the valuable role that sports and physical activity can play within a community and the importance of providing suitable facilities four our team. The facilities not only enables proper game operations and playing evironment(practice,pre-game,postgame,etc...) but also enhances the overall morale of the players.Because of this ,the team is in urgent need of raising funds to upgrade and maintain the current facilities.

The coasts include,but are not limited to:
1.Changing room/containers for, both,our home and guest teams.
The changing rooms would inculde:
-Interior equipment for our youth teams
-Shower and changing room for the referees
-Heating system for multifunctional buildings(changing rooms,showers and toilets)
-Restrooms for players and public guests
2.An erection of a 6m high fence that prevents the balls from flying onto the adjacent railway tracks(height is based on city regulations)
-Wire fence 2m for the lower area and 4m ball net for the upper area 

Please get involved and help us fund the construction of a more efficent safer,and well -designed sports facility
Updated at 06. June 2020