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Vehicle costs for “Distribute food instead of destroying it.“

A project from Münchner Tafel e.V.
in München, Germany

Every week 125 tons of food are donated to the Tafel. The Münchner Tafel maintains a fleet of 18 refrigerated trucks and vans to collect food and transport it to the 28 distribution points in the city. These vehicles have to be refuelled and insured.

Wenka R.
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About this project

Since its foundation in 1994, the Münchner Tafel‘s motto has been: “Distribute food instead of destroying it.“  
We have 
  • 650 volunteers working at 
  • 28 distribution points that supply approximately  
  • 22,000 Munich citizens in need with fruit, vegetables, bread and other food items. 

In order to guarantee this logistically, we have 
  • 18 refrigerated transporters in operation and make 
  • 800 pick-ups and deliveries every week. 

More and more citizens affected by poverty in old age, single parents and their children as well as the mentally and physically ill are currently taking advantage of the services offered by the Tafel. Please help us to continue to help them by supporting our work through your donation. Thank you!