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Donation for intercultural music project Architects of Music Uganda/Germany

Kampala, Uganda

Since 2018, Architects of Music provides free, high-quality, intercultural music education, empowers a rising generation of young people in Kampala/Uganda, strengthens their self-confidence and thus opens for them the way to a successful future.

V. Romann from Evangelischer Förderkreis Gerthe e.V.
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Architects of Music is a social motivated music education project, founded by musicians from Dresden/Germany and Kampala/Uganda. It provides free intercultural music education for youth in Kampala, Uganda, strengthen self-confidence, develops responsibility and creates new perspectives for the young participants. Three times a week the group meets for classes in Kampala/Mpererwe.
The youth unemployment rate in Uganda is high 80% - young people only have few chances to develop their lives. The only chance is to empower the young population, provide space to thrive and becoming a motor of change.

Mission: Building Bridges Through Music - Architects of Music provides a high quality intercultural music education experience that empowers young people from underserved communities in Kampala, Uganda and develops skills for a successful future. 
Vision: Communities where people realise their potential and become motors for social change - Transforming the lives of people in underserved communities in Kampala by developing individual social and intellectual skills through the arts.

January 2018:Start of project in the community Mpererwe/Kampala.
February 2019:Intensive training with the founders from Germany in Kampala. Victoria and Regina meet a strong group for whom Architects of Music has already become an identity. With creativity, diligence, dedication and curiosity, an African/European interpretation of Mozart's Magic Flute was created. This is where the African and European musical traditions combine and enrich each other.

The young people already experience the change in their lives. The skills they gained within the program have been featured several times at events. For some of the group, it was the first time to earn their own money.In the near future, these young people will be role models and peer educators for the many children in Kampala.

To promote the project in Germany in the best possible way, our project manager Joseph Ocen from Kampala will visit Dresden, Berlin and Bochum in April 2019.

To fully finance Joseph's 4-week stay in Germany, we need your help. Please support us now with your donation for Architects of Music! Even with a small amount of 10 € you can make a big difference! 

Our project unites people from different cultures and backgrounds, helps to overcome prejudices and promotes peaceful community building.

Thanks so much for your support!