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Help the homeless people

Berlin, Germany

Help the homeless people

Berlin, Germany

Rise Foundation e.V. is dedicated to improving the lives of the people living on the street. With our bi-weekly events, we cook a warm meal for the homeless people. We provide them clothing, tea, coffee, and hygiene items.

P. Sardana from Rise Foundation | 
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About this project

In the past few years, the number of people in Berlin who are living on the streets has risen steadily. There are so many difficulties that these people go through every day. Many government and private charities are trying to make the lives of these people better. 


In June 2018, Rise Foundation e.V. started working to make the lives of the homeless better. Since then, we have been implementing a project aimed at providing support to the homeless with a warm meal, clothes, tea, coffee, and hygiene items. In the future, we will be working on more projects to connect the homeless people directly with the support programs provided by the government and private charities. 


In order to achieve this goal, we are doing our events twice a month. This is exactly where you can help! The costs of our events are as follows: 


- Food: 250 €/month 

- Hygiene Items: 250 €/month 

- Food packaging: 70 €/ month 

- Logistics: 250 €/ month (this also includes the information booklet that we have created which contains district-wise info about local shelters, medical places, daycare centers and counseling places)


For a total of 820 €/month can, therefore, be laid the basis for a dignified life. Help us reach this goal - donate now! 

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Updated at 18. March 2020