Blocked Play & Activity Centers in Palestine Refugee Camps

An aid project by “Children, Play and Education - EJE” (J. NENO) in Bethlehem, Palestinian Territory

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J. NENO (Project Manager)

A CHILD WHO PLAYS IS A CHILD WHO LIVES! This project aims to improve the psychosocial well being and education of the most vulnerable children in the refugee camps within the Palestinian Territories.
Eleven play and animation centers exist within the Palestinian Territories which will aid these children thanks to your contribution.

These play and animation center have three main objectives:
Firstly, the centers aim to create a communication network between childhood professionals on a national scale. This includes annual meetings of members to improve the network in the sector of non-formal education and psychosocial support.
Secondly, to support socio-educational projects for children and teenagers within the youth centers through psychosocial and educational support activities. This includes professional trainings given to local staff and support to local Palestinian partner developers in the West Bank and Gaza.
Finally, the organization of activities concerning children rights, within the framework of awareness-raising. These activities do include exchanges and meetings between families, teachers, childhood professionals and local actors as well as children from different communities.

The overall focus are the psychosocial needs of Palestinian refugee children and their educational and social environment.

By helping this project you help a network which affects 30.000 children living in refugee camps in Palestine.

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Location: Bethlehem, Palestinian Territory

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