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Save the younger by helping us finish the children study room

A project from True Way Trust e.V
in Danishpet, Salem DT, India

Your support could lead us to build the basis of our children facility , our children and we thank you so much for it! Now, we have to finish it in order for our student to learn in the right conditions and to blossom correctly.

Edwin Prabu Kumar V.
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About this project

Who we are:
Vivegam Godfrey is a United Nations approved NGO (consultative status) fighting for equality and child welfare in Tamil Nadu, India.
To do so, we prevent child labour, child marriage and any other form of violence Indian youth may be victim of.
We believe that everyone is equal and don't consider any form of social status.
Therefore, we provide free food and medicines, pay scholarships, uniforms and material, and give English lessons as well as homework support to every child in need, disregard the gender, cast, religion or ethnicity.
Besides providing daily care, we also intervene or contact the authorities when we get aware of any form of child abuse to secure the child as soon as possible.

What is our project:
We are currently trying to finish the studying facility we could start thanks to your help! We have yet a shelter that provides shadow which is a good beginning. However, to become an actual study room it requires several features for our student to blossom and study efficiently.

What are the changes to, and what are their costs?
-increase the size
-a solid A-type roof instead of a flat roof
-a concrete ground
-real walls, doors and windows
-10 large tables
-14 ceiling fans and 14 Lights with wiring and switches

How to help us?
Of course, to help us reach our goal we rely on donations of individuals like you, note that small amounts like 10 € or even 5 € will still bring us closer to our goal, so do not be upset if you cannot donate important amounts. 
However, if you can’t afford to provide any financial support; you can still spread the word and talk about our cause t to your friends, to your family, to your colleagues and to anyone else of your entourage with your Facebook for example.

Note that, as our organisation provides free food to destitute children, donations to our cause may induce tax reduction regarding your country of residence (75% of the amount in France, 65% in Italy, 20% in Germany…)

We (the operative team and our children) thank you very much for the attention you gave to our cause! :)