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Get a well for poor Indian children to have drinking water!

A project from True Way Trust e.V
in Danishpet, Salem DT, India

Our region in south India is facing a major drought that is getting worse and wors. In order to keep welcoming the poorest children of the nearby villages, to feed them and to offer them to wash, we need you to help us drill a new well urgently!

Edwin Prabu Kumar V.
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About this project

Help us drill a new well to supply water to children for the coming drought

Who we are:
Vivegam Godfrey is a United Nations approved NGO (consultative status) fighting for equality and child welfare in Tamil Nadu, India.
To do so, we prevent child labour, child marriage and any other form of violence Indian youth may be victim of.
Here we believe that everyone is equal and do not consider any form of social status.
Therefore, we provide free food and medicines, pay scholarships, uniforms and material, and give English lessons as well as homework support to every child in need, disregard the gender, cast, religion or ethnicity.
Besides providing daily care, we also intervene or contact the authorities when we get aware of any form of child abuse to secure the child as soon as possible. 

What is the water situation in Tamil Nadu? 
Meanwhile our neighbours in Kerala got floods and drownings because of excessive monsoon, Tamil Nadu is facing the extreme opposite. In Salem District, we received no single drop of water since last October, and we are now running to summer season. Forests are burning every day, the river has become a dry path, the lake is totally evaporated.
A major drought occurred 2 years ago, the most important since 140 years causing huge crops losses and deaths;  and we are currently heading to a similar situation.
The situation is such we are now running to a major water crisis, as most of the surface ground water has been pumped out during the last drought. 
We have 2 wells that were initially more than enough to ensure water for us and our children. However, both are running dry at an impressive speed and if we do not find a solution very soon, we will not be able to welcome our children, to feed them, and to allow them to wash daily. 
What to do then? 
As government doesn't supply water to the most remote country locations, we have no choice but to drill a new well, as have already done our neighbours. 
Our organisation cannot afford mistake so we  decided to pay more and to go for a more scientific method instead of a water deviner. We have then contacted an expert to come and realise a measurement of electrical resistivity in our ground, to determine if we have ground water and where. 
Luckily, the research brought very positive results and points out the presence of important supplied reservoirs  on our property. However, the results show that these reservoirs are really deep, which induces more expensive drilling. 
The analysis of the measurement indicates that ground water is water is 500 meters deep. The costs of drilling this deep is 150 000 rupees, or 1 875€. 

Note that, as our organisation provides free food to destitute children, donations to our cause may induce tax reduction regarding your country of residence