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JoinIn - Festival for the whole Family

Buxtehude, Germany

JoinIn - Festival for the whole Family

Buxtehude, Germany

JoinIn - donate for a Festival for the whole family, in a social "firepoint". Spreading faith, love and hope and building connections to the people standing on the edge of society. Your donation will be a "Smile-Producer"!

J. Scheffler from Jesusgmeinde e.V. | 
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About this project

The German name of the Festival, MachMit, means something like Join in in translation. JoinIn- Festival is about loving, caring and inspiring younger and older people, living in a social "Firepoint". A melting pot of people from different cultural and religious backgrounds and nations. Members of the local church Jesusgemeinde e.V. (Jesuschurch) and different other churches or organizations are trying to love people and bring them hope in the sense of Jesus Christ. 
The Festival contains Outdoorgames, Theater, short Inputs, Stage- Games, a little Tent- Coffeehouse, a Prayertent and more. 
Please support us in loving and caring for the ones that are standing on the brink of society. This year we urgently need to release the local church that always humped a big part of the costs with own donations and become more independent. 
Thank You and God bless! 

Updated at 18. March 2020

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