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A project from WeWater gemeinnützige UG
in Bweyale, Uganda

All over the world there is a lack of clean and safe drinking water. Children suffer from typhoid fever and become ill from dirty water. We collect donations so that we can make drinking water accessible to those in need with our filters.

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About this project

Yet 2.2 billion people worldwide suffer from thirst or fall ill from contaminated water. Our mission is to provide these people with an existential livelihood through clean drinking water.

This is why we collect donations and make our innovative water filters available to those in need. Why are our filters special? They do not need any electrical energy, function without chemicals, are inexpensive to produce, have a long service life and are proven to remove 99.9999 % of all bacteria. The retention rate for viruses is also extremely high. In this way we can make contaminated water drinkable.

A brief introduction to our products:
The AQQAcube can be used for at least twelve months and filters 400 litres of water per day with an operating time of 8 hours. The filter must be serviced after six months. This is done by cleaning and testing the filter plates. In case of defects, the water filter can be replaced modularly - a long-lasting and cost-effective concept. The AQQAcube costs 1070 euros. It saves 96,000 plastic bottles within one year.

The AQQAbag can be used for a guaranteed six months and saves around 720 PET bottles during this period. We distribute our AQQAbag on site free of charge and pay out a small bonus when we return it after six months and reply to a feedback form. In this way, we prevent uncycled plastic waste and receive valuable feedback for the further development of our products. An AQQAbag costs 35 euros. It can filter four litres of water in eight hours of operation.

Our AQQAsystem is a modular system. Depending on the local conditions, it can produce up to 100,000 litres of water filtration capacity per day.

What does your donation do?
10 € --> 1,000 litres of clean water can be filtered. We can supply one or two people for a whole year.
50 € --> 5,000 litres of clean water can be filtered with it. With it we can supply seven people for a whole year.
100 € --> Clean drinking water & hygiene training for 14 people for one year
1.200 € --> Purchase of an AQQAcube for a village. The AQQAcube can care for at least 200 people for one year.

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Corona Update
In order to bridge the time of the Corona pandemic and to help people in need without travelling to affected areas despite the worldwide travel restrictions, we have decided to produce videos explaining our filters.