An aid project by M. Bosco in kicukoro, Rwanda

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M. Bosco (Project Manager)

M. Bosco
ABOUT 45% of the youths live in the outskirts of Kigali city and suburbs , most them are jobless due to lack of skills which are needed on the job market thus end up living a desperate life . some times it forces them in taking illegal drugs and prostitution .having studied the course of the whole situation I decided to start up Akeza family which means ( beautiful family) to address unemployment problems and poverty reduction through the initiation of Akeza jewelry project. By creating a sustainable income generating project , we believe Rwandan youth will be able to support their families and live a decent life. Having a job simply means a healthy life. Our artists show a wide rage of artistic skills in various designs which maybe an asset to a many school drop outs and youth on street .

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Location: kicukoro, Rwanda

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