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We arrange castrations and help distressed dogs in Romania

Beius, Romania

Hundemission e.V. is a non-profit animal welfare association committed to castration of pets in Romania. We help to stop the population of unwanted dogs and cats.

Sophie B. from Hundemission e.V.
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Hundemission e.V. is a castration project for dogs and cats in Romania. Sometimes it is necessary to take care for abandoned ore distressed animals, mostly dogs. 

Whenver possible we arrange with the owners to care for their animals at home and support them until a better solution is found. We pay the treatments and food for them. For dogs, which have no more a place to stay, we would like 
to build a santuary. There all dogs which is possible in a pack will receive human connection. Kennel is only for emergencies, which have to be seperated for different reasons.

There Are also some dogs in the shelter from Beius, which needs our help, because the project has stopped. A  private person donated there for years a neutering campaign and as aresult a few dogs have been collected, whose future is uncertain now. Most of them are unrehomable and have been living in this shelter since childhood. Many of them have poor medical care and are not vaccinated, which is why they need our help urgently as well.

Those dogs are presented on our homepage under For the current history and news about your sponsored dogs our Facebook page clicks on the right under the cover picture with "like" and subscribes to our posts:

There you gain insight into our animal welfare work. All actions at a glance, what happens with your donation we summarize at We are also happy about messages! Yours, Sophie, Hundemission e.V.