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Endangerd Memorial- Help to save our Gatehouse!

A project from Förderverein Schlossruine Hartenstein e. V.
in Hartenstein, Germany

We are about to renovate a castle in saxony , our focus at the moment lies on the 1st gatehouse. the roof needs a immediate repair which will cost about 12-15k€ the whole renovation will take 125k€.

S. Hessel
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About this project

 In the idyllic Hartenstein lies a romantic jewel hidden behind a small wood. A treasure that urgently needs your help! 

Since year and day the castle was the ancestral seat of the Hartenstein line of the House of Schönburg. At the end of the 2nd World War the castle was partly destroyed and remained untouched for a long time after a short epoch as a quarry. Until our association took care of the monument. Unfortunately, the preservation of the building substance is becoming more and more complex and thus more expensive, so expensive that it far exceeds our income from charity events and membership fees. 

Last winter the roof of the Torhaus was badly damaged. Without a roof the whole building is exposed to decay. But since it is the main entrance to the complex, this would mean that it would no longer be accessible to the public in the future. An application is currently being drawn up for funding for a comprehensive refurbishment. However, the whole process will take years. Until then, emergency security is unavoidable. The costs for the roof sealing alone amount to 12,000 - 15,000 €. The complete roof securing, including the supporting beams, increases the sum to an estimated € 128,000, which we can only achieve with the help of outside help.