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Helping children in urban Costa Rica for a better start in life

The UNO+ project gives children in Costa Rica the opportunity to grow and to have a better start in life. And it gives me an opportnity to grow, to learn, to help and to give!

Natascha T. from VISIONEERS e.V.Write a message

I´m Paula from Germany. After I finish school this summer I have the opportunity to go to Costa Rica, to work, help and learn there. I´m taking part in a Weltwärts project which is a poject that gives young people the chance to volunteer and help in other countries. Since the founding year 2008 they sended more than 34.000 volunteers to the world.
My Weltwärts time is organized and supported by VISIONEERS EV. a berlin association which organizes projects in Central America. The project where I am going to work for is the UNO+ ("uno más" = one more) project. This project is located at 5 places where children can go to after school. In this project they teach children by helping them with their homework, they cook or do crafting projects with them. The project provides a safe enviroment for children where they can learn and grow. It gives them the opportunity to try out new things, things they could not do at home or in school because the fundings are not sufficient.
The goal of the project is to enable human beings to create a better future for themselves. The project teaches five fundamental values: christian belief, art, nutrions (health), enviroment and education.
The belief of the poject is that if you change one life for the better it can change families, communities or even whole countries. I strongly belief and support this and that is one of the reasons why I choose to apply for this project!
The volunteering project is funded by the government by 75% but to acctually go there and help the people it is neccessary for us as volunteers to fund the last 25% (3000€) of the needed sum. It is important to understand that the money does not help me in specific, but the project and the organisation. Support to complete the funds neccessary means making the volunteering service possible. So if you think, just like I do, that this project is worth the support I am thrilled about the support and a donation.
Thanks a lot!