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Give Light: Solar lamps for all children starting school in Kamonyi, Rwanda

A project from Little Sun Foundation e. V.
in Kamonyi , Rwanda

Your donation gives light to a child just starting school, to study after dark. The solar lamp stays with the students throughout their time at school, helps with homework and provides safety at night. Because solar power means empowerment!

Felix Hallwachs
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About this project

What does it mean for a child to not have electricity?

Rwanda is the regional leader in reducing plastic waste and has an exemplary high rate of women in politics. Energy access however, especially in rural areas, is still a challenge. More than half of the primary schools in Rwanda’s Kamonyi District have no access to electricity. Less than 5% of the district’s children have electricity at home, and after returning from school each day, many spend the rest of the daylight hours helping their parents with agricultural or household tasks. By the time students are able to turn their attention to their studies, the sun has set. Most families therefore use candles or kerosene lamps for lighting their evenings. Children reading in the light of kerosene lamps are exposed to dangerous, toxic fumes. They get eye irritations, coughs and other severe pulmonary diseases - making homework significantly more challenging.

This is why, along with our partners Safer Rwanda and the Rwandan Ministry of Education, we want to equip all students in Kamonyi with clean solar energy. Thanks to all of our amazing donors we have already reached a milestone in 2018: all schools without access to the electrical grid were equipped with solar lamps and we provided solar education workshops to learn about the benefits of solar energy. A huge success!

Our next goal: We want to provide every child starting school with a solar lamp.

The impact of your donation

30 € = 1 solar lamp for 1 child starting school
  • 60 € = 2 solar lamps for 2 children or 1 solar phone charger for a teacher 
  • 250 € = 1 Solar Workshop for a school 

A solar lamp is the first step towards a sustainable future with better education, better health and more financial stability for the whole family. Our school visits in 2018 showed that the children who have solar lamps are on average studying one hour longer per day. They also don’t have health issues associated with the kerosene anymore and their school grades improved considerably.

We also support the school teachers: They are using their mobile phones to prepare lessons and to stay in contact with other teachers and student’s families. In order to charge their phones, they often have to walk quite a while to find the next charging station, which often comes with a fee. We want to equip all new teachers starting at schools without electricity with a solar phone charger.

Solar Workshops
In addition to distributing the lights, we also provide educational training. The workshops teach both children and teachers about solar energy, the risks of kerosene and provides the opportunity to discuss environmental challenges, renewable energy and access to energy.

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