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Snail Race – Our guest contribution to the Juliane Noack exhibition, Munich

München, Germany

hr.fleischer lets the snails run and travels to the exhibition "It's a jungle sometimes" in Munich for a guest contribution from 13-16 March 2019. The retrospective exhibition is organized by Juliane Noack Förderverein.

K. Eitner from hr.fleischer e.V.
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hr.fleischer lets the snails run and travels to Munich for a guest contribution to the exhibition - Juliane Noack "It's like a jungle sometimes". The retrospective exhibition is organized by the Förderverein zur Aufbau einer Juliane Noack Künstlerförderung e.V. (Juliane Noack Association). Juliane Noack (1984-2015) was a founding as well as an active member of hr.fleischer e.V. Her own intervention works in the art- and project space Kiosk am Reileck, such as "Hair Fleischer" (2014) were often body-related, the implementation playful. Her ideas inspired this contribution by hr.fleischer e.V. in 2019. Juliane Noack died in the crash of the Germanwings machine in the French Alps on 24 March 2015.

That's what we do in Munich:

Snail Race - A sideshow to find the best at SCHMUCK 

The „hr.fleischer“ Association invites you to a snail race. For the sake of beer and chives our athletes battle with speed and try to get orientation on the racing table. Our sliders are on organic cucumber and homegrown salad. But regular controls for illegal doping are about to guarantee a fair competition! 

Cheer for them on Wednesday, 13 March, 5 to 9 pm, Friday, 15t March, 2 to 5 pm  and Saturday, 16 March, 11 am to 2 pm. 

The winning bet gets the famous salad trophy! 

What happens to your donations?
For projects and exhibitions, which we plan as an annual program, we strive every year for project funding. We use the annual contributions of our members primarily to finance the running costs, e.g. for rent, electricity etc. for our main venue, the "Kiosk am Reileck" in Halle (Saale). Short-term and spontaneous exhibitions and projects which come to us as an idea in the course of the year, we often cannot finance these ways. That's why we are breaking new ground here: 

Your donations via Betterplace help hr.fleischer e.V. to cover the production costs of the project "Snail Race" in Munich. We will build exhibition furnitures and/or buy it Second Hand. There are also costs for home-grown salad for the snails and the snails themselves (which come from regional breeding). In addition, the transport and travel costs shall to be funded. And - if your donations male it possible, we would like to pay the four artists in Munich an compensation. They will be completely on the road for the project for four days and will not be able to work on their other tasks during this time.