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We need help to continue her rescue of Romanian stray dogs.

Help the animal rights activist Maria Rizea to continue her rescue of Romanian stray dogs.

K. Kannengiesser from Hilfe statt Trost n.e.V.Write a message


Our small private association supports the young animal rights activist Maria Cristina Rizea, who literally gives everything in Romania to save animals. Day by day she rescues dogs with great dedication, picks them up, brings them to a veterinarian for treatment or to be neutered. Abandoned puppies who would not survive without her, injured and traumatized - even paralyzed dogs, from newborn puppies to old dogs that were not wanted anymore and disposed. She also feeds dogs in public shelters in her surrounding, who would not survive without her food, she drives to her numerous feeding grounds to save dogs, living in the wild, from starving. 

She has actually more than 300 dogs at her place and gives them a safe shelter, some of them have already found their new family in Germany, Denmark, Netherland, Switzerland or Belgium and are awaiting for their departure. 

All this is now to run out of road! At Maria's last transport to Germany, Belgium and Switzerland end of January, her so unconditionally needed van broke on the way back to Romania. Without a van there can be no future transports, already adopted dogs cannot be transported to their new families,no more food can be fetched for her numerous dogs. And without adopted dogs she has no space to help other dogs in need. 

Her van had done a great job with its 600,000 km, after a damage of the axle this year now the engine is broken. The estimated repair costs are 4,000 €, which far exceeds the value of the car. 

We therefore ask for your donation, which is urgently needed for a used van for Maria, which can be bought for 8,000 €, so that she can continue her work and realize her next trip scheduled for the end of February. 

Due to the actual high veterinary costs, e.g. for a dog with frazzled paws, and many other emergencies, the food costs (recently food for Maria's dogs for 3,000 € had to be paid), our small association does not have the money reserves to be able to bear this costs. Therefore, we sincerely ask for your support, every donation helps!