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Pineapple Jam by Ugandan farmers

Masaka, Uganda

Fresh Ugandan pineapple jam allows local farmers to earn a decent and stable income to afford a balanced diet, education and health services. Further we will reduce the number of pineapples that perish.

Arian S. from EAT global e.V. | 
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About this project

Masaka District in Central UGanda is known for its fresh and delicious pineapples. Unfortunately farmers often lack appropriate harvesting and post-processing skills and the market prices are highly fluctuating. This is why many pineapples perish and farmers have a low and unstabe income.

The local NGO NIRP developed the concept to produce pineapple jam with the local farmers. This will support smallholder farmers and increase their income drastically, which will be used for a balanced diet for the whole family, school fees for children and necessary medical costs.

In spring 2018 farmers received training in farming practices, post harvest handling and the production of pineapple jam by experts from the USA. Godfrey and German volunteers conducted market research in fall 2018 with the result that 60 people tested our pineapple jam in front of local supermarkets. They gave the pineapple jam a score of 8 out of 10 and indicated on average willingness to pay per jar of 2€.

NIRP also wants to establish an agroforestry cropping system. Crops and trees are planted on the same field, which can provide ecological and economic benefits for the farmers. Test fields are needed to develop a working agroforestry system with pineapple that suits the local context in Masaka.

The previous donations were used to conduct several trainings and to buy necessary instruments and gadgets. We are continuing to raise funds for two more purposes:
- further trainings with the farmers, official certification of the jam and marketing (700€)
- Financial support for a research about agroforestry wiht pineapple crop (800€)
Kindly support our project and join the journey of pineapple jam production in Uganda. We are happy to provide you with pictures and stories about our progress.
Updated at 18. March 2020