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A TRACTOR for Small Farmers in Philippines

A project from Sampaguita Deutsch-Philippinischer Club e.V.
in Dumaguete City, Philippines

A tractor means a lot to a poor farmer in the Philippines. Instead of using a water buffalo to do the cultivation which is time consuming, a tractor is much faster and less tasky. We need to help farmers to produce more food to feed his family, etc.

A. Heimann
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About this project

A small tractor is needed for the small-scale farming in Dumaguete City, Philippines. A water buffalo is usually used to help cultivate the land for gardening purposes . This system takes a lot of time and energy. To be more effective in the production of vegetables to supply the public, it is important to use a better technology i.e. tractor in preparing the land for planting purposes. The tractor is of big help to the small farmer in the Philippines in order to produce enough food for everybody especially the poor people.