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Support the literacy class for parents

A project from Nô Lanta Djunto e.V.
in Ilha de Orango , Guinea-Bissau

unterstützt eine Schule in Westafrika - von Buntstiften bis Digitalisierung gibt es noch viel zu tun!

P. von Medem
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About this project

During my last visit to the school, Professor Braz de Pina on the island of Orango in Guinea-Bissau, I had the opportunity to attend the parents' literacy class.
 What was expecting me? A full room with about 35 mothers and a father; all focused on the blackboard or looked into their notebooks.
 I was impressed by the motivation of the parents, the way they were learning and they were listening attentively to the teacher.
The teacher was accompanied by an assistant, who offered additional help and further explanations to the students.
 I took the time to briefly introduce our association Nô Lanta Djunto e.V. and myself as well as to talk about our current project, which we were planning for the school of Prof. Braz de Pina in cooperation with the IBAP.
Some parents introduced themselves and gave their feedback that they were very pleased that we wanted to work together. They also said that they would appreciate help in the form of school supplies such as pencils, sharpeners, pens or notebooks. And a mother said, "We also want a schoolbag like a student!"
I think she was right, because that is also part of "going to school".
 I promised them to see what kind of support we could give them and said goodbye so as to not interrupt the lesson any further.
 The parents’ lessons are held twice a week, Wednesday and Friday, from 8pm to 10pm.
 The parents have fun and really want to learn how to read and write in order to better cope in their everyday life. Also, they want to be able to help their children with their daily homework.
 We would like to support them in their learning process and help to keep the motivation for learning going.