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Day trip to a barrier-free destination

A project from Behindertenverband Blankenburg e.V.
in Blankenburg, Germany

We would like to visit a barrier-free destination during a day trip with our members. For this purpose, vehicles specially adapted for wheelchair users are needed. For their financing we need your financial resources. Support.

Frank G.
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About this project

As in previous years, we would like to take a trip this year with the members of our association. The destination will be announced soon. True to the club motto "Together instead of lonely", no-one is left out of all our activities.
Prerequisite for this is the exceptionless accessibility on site, or at the excursion destinations. Another and equally important aspect is the transport of our members with restricted mobility (wheelchair users). For this purpose, specially equipped vehicles with a ramp are needed whose rental or contract costs are sometimes enormously high. Above all, we need financial support.

Help us make the day trip 2019 a memorable and memorable day for all concerned.