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A project from "Succeed in Ghana e.V."
in Cape Coast, Ghana

Childreneducational and cultural festival in Cape Coast Ghana where children are engaged in environmental, cultural, artistic, dance or other cultural activities. Theme is taught through workshops and presentations.

Daniela S.
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About this project


Our main objectives for bringing these children together included: 

· teaching culture as an aspect of self- and environmental awareness 

· culture and arts as a medium of learning about oneself and the society 

· self-esteem and expression through arts 

· participation in the society through cultural programs 

· cultural education as an integral component of general education 

· finding and supporting the creativity talents in drumming, dancing, singing, drawing and painting  and acting 

· marketing and funding the NGO in the region 

· supporting and advising schools in areas of capacity building and with volunteer coaches and materials 

· approaching to learn and recognize the importance of linking people’s lives throughout the environment 

· helping children making sense of their environment in which they live and to understand their role within the community 

· developing an ethos of encouraging empathy, fairness and respect 

· support teachers to teach their students about the challenges in their environment and think critically about how to deal with issues such as poverty, inequality and sustainability 

· creating awareness of abilities and talents of the children 

· Build the bridge to the communal district offices such as Ghana Education Service, Social welfare office etc. to access schools and other children with the NGO’s program 

bringing people of the community together