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Radio Tolerance

A project from Bündnis gegen Rechts - Werratal
in Gerstungen, Germany

Radio Tolerance wants to work for a Democratic and Tolerant society in Germany.

S. Tremper
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About this project

What is the project about?
As a non-commercial radio station, Radio Tolerance becomes a platform for all action alliances against the law, as well as all citizens who are committed to a democratic and tolerant society in Germany.

What are the goals and who is the target audience?
Radio Tolerance is initially planned as a pure web radio and should then be expanded as the next step to a digital radio station (nationwide broadcast).

Our target group are all citizens between the ages of 14 and 99 years, in addition to contributions music is played from the 60s to the present day.

Why would anyone support this project?

Freedom and democracy is an important commodity that every citizen in Germany should protect, charity and tolerance and equality are the future, while racism and nationalism is a relic of the past and should remain there.
The dead of National Socialism (Holocaust) should be warning enough for us.

What happens with the money if financing was successful?
All proceeds of crowdfunding flow exclusively into the structure of the non-commercial radio station.

In addition, you will be documented on our radio page and the Facebook page of Radio Tolerance all phases of the construction, so that they are always informed about the radio project.

Who is behind the project?
Behind the project stands the action alliance against right-wing extremism and right-wing violence as well as voluntary helpers.