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Enable Development Projects in Conservation and Community Dev in Rwanda!

A project from artefact gGmbH
in Kigali, Rwanda

Since February 2018 I've been a Volunteer at a NGO in Rwanda, East Africa. I'm a Development Economist, who can contribute a lot to the mission; support and train small hold farmer cooperatives in nature conservation and thereby improve livelihoods

Camilla S.
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Rwanda is a small land locked East African Country with no natural resources and has the highest population density on the Continent.
90% of its population are small hold farmers, who severely suffer from extreme influence of climate change i.e. soil erosion, flooding, landslides  etc.

I am working at ARCOS, a local NGO who works with small hold farmers in the field of environmental conservation and community development. We teach them how to be climate change resilient, give capability and business management training and support them with essential tools such as tree seedlings to plant against soil erosion and  livestock for food security and organic manure production.

I am Volunteering through the Program "weltwärts", which is sponsored by the German Government. It enable young Germans like me to participate in a cultural exchange and learn from people and practices in the global south. 
Vice Versa, young Africans also get the chance to volunteer in projects in Germany with the program.

However, it is partially financed via donations to raise more awareness.
Any little help would be highly appreciated!