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Makaranta – Basic Education In Africa

Benin, Burkina Faso, Niger, Nigeria

Promotion of primary education in Africa by rewarding special initiatives with a prize, the Prix Makaranta.

G. Bungter from Makaranta e.V.
Write a message is the website of the non-profit association Makaranta e.V. based in Cologne. We take care of the most important thing that Africa needs to develop itself: Education. What does education begin with? With basic education: reading, writing, arithmetic.
We are sceptical about the usual forms of development aid. It paralyses initiative and makes people dependent. This is why Makaranta does not provide help in the form of donations in kind or money. Instead, Makaranta rewards own efforts by African primary schools with a prize, the Prix Makaranta, which they can win in an annual excellence competition. In this way they can be an incentive and a role model for other schools to step up their own efforts.