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Emergency Relief for Flooded Refugee Camps in North Syria

Region Idlib, Syrian Arab Republic

Over 100.000 people are affected by massive flooding in Idlib, North Syria. The accommodations in the provisional refugee camps are destroyed. As we expect more rain from Sunday on, we have to act fast!

K. Malige from SyrienHilfe e.V.
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Three days of heavy rainfall in North Syria beginning at the 25th of December 2018 have had a huge negative impact on over 100.000 - 120.000 people who live in provisional refugee camps at the Turkish-Syrian border. The camps are flooded and therefore, the previous accommodations of people living there are of no use anymore. According to predictions, there will be more rainfall and even snow from Sunday on. It’s going to get cold in Northern Syria. This is yet another reason for us to act fast! 
The people who reside here have fled from other parts of Syria to seek refuge in the north. Due to the current situation, they are homeless again and have lost the very little they just built up. About 120.000 people are affected by the horrible weather conditions. 
Our team in Idlib is on site and tries to support wherever help is needed. They let us know that the people require basic equipment to survive urgently. At the moment, the most important items are tents, mattresses, coal-burning stoves, charcoal, winter blankets as well as equipment for the kitchen. 
We want to help out the people and support them in order to be able to offer them a safe place. We do as much as possible but we don’t have any extra budget for this sort of emergency relief. You have our whole-hearted thanks for sharing, passing our message and motivating others to help. Any kind of support is appreciated, since every euro helps!