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Conor, Paulin and Tilman's Fundraiser: Our 2nd Community Centre in Mwanza

We want to give the people in Mwanza/Tanzania a Christmas gift they will never forget by fundraising money for a sports and community centre. You can read below how much this centre means to the children and youths in Mwanza..

C. O'Reilly from Mwanza e.V.Write a message

We (Conor, Tilman and Paulin) are three German students who are volunteering for a charity project in Tanzania together. All of us have spent several months in Mwanza and fell in love with the country, the culture and its people. We all share the passion for sports and the cause of the charity, we are Sports Charity Mwanza.

Sports Charity Mwanza is a part international and Tanzanian NGO dedicated to the development and sustainability of sport in Mwanza. Sport is used as a tool to engage with local children and we create a safe atmosphere in which they are able to develop life skills that they can use in the future. Our biggest priority is to build sports centres so we can create this safe environment for the community and everyone can take part in sport.

In a country with a youth unemployment rate of nearly 90%, sport is often the only hobby and biggest joy, while also providing a lot of stability in life. But there are not enough sports grounds for a city containing 1 million people and the existing grounds are in bad condition. 

Last March, we opened our first sports and community centre in the district of Mirongo which has a high population density. During the day, the sports centres are used by the local schools and in the late afternoons it will be used by sports clubs. The response from the community around Mirongo has been incredible, everyday I go to the sport centre and i can see how happy the children are. From this, we are building another sports centre. The total costs of building a Sports Centre is around £50,000 and we are currently £10,000 short. From this fundraiser, we would love to take a huge step closer to the next sports centre!

We would be very happy if you support us. Since we all work 100% voluntarily we have no administration costs and 100% of your donations go into the project work in Tanzania. 

Asante Sana! (Thank you in Swahili),

Conor O'Reilly, Tilman Miethke and Paulin Ridder