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An aid project by “BAPESU” (Christian T.) in Tubah, Cameroon

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Christian T. (Project Manager)

Christian T.
This project will support the construction of a primary school with the aim of providing accessibility and quality basic education in the rural Mbororo Indigenous Community in Kedjom-Ketinguh in the North West Region of Cameroon. Education for children is an acute problem in many rural communities in Sub-Sahara Africa and particularly the Mbororo Indigenous People of Kedjom-Ketinguh. The Mbororo Indigenous People of Kedjom-Ketinguh lack a school that can offer elementary education for their children. Additionally, these people suffer from social marginalization and extreme poverty. Illiteracy is very high and children are forced into child labour and girl child forced into early marriages as a way to escape from hardship and family burden. Poverty is rife and this abandoned and vulnerable community does not have the necessary means for the construction of a school in educating their children and promoting long term community development and survival of their ethnicity. BAPESU feels also that to help in solving the problem of illiteracy and lack of children's basic education it is by building a school for the people. This school will be operated and managed by the community.
With the construction of the school some 300 children will be enrolled for basic education yearly. The school will give the poor children the opportunity in life to acquire education, empowering them throughout life (one of the eight millennium goals). Education is a lifelong gift that empowers people to ultimately improve socio-economic conditions for their families, communities and generations.

This project will construct a primary school: six classrooms, teacher's office, a pupil’s library, basic sanitary installations, the provision of desks and didactic material. The local community has already provided land for the construction of the school and the local people will help in providing some local manpower in the construction.

The project will have huge and long term invaluable impact on the target population. For generations to come, children will grow up attending class each day in the classrooms provided. The benefits will ripple on and on as an entire Mbororo community is educated and parents pass on the gift of learning and literacy to their children. Education is a basic human need and is a key to sustaining democracies, improving health, increasing per capita income, and conserving environmental resources. Education lowers infant mortality, increases longevity, reinforces democratization and political stability, decreases poverty, reduces inequality, and lowers crime rates. Educated women have fewer and healthier children and are more likely to send their children to school. The individual and social impacts of these gains are essential to community strong growth. Please do give in your kind donation to put smiles on poor children's face and change their lives.

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Location: Tubah, Cameroon

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