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Nepal - Awareness Campaign against Plastic Pollution

District of Chitwan, Nepal

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Nepal - Awareness Campaign against Plastic Pollution

District of Chitwan, Nepal

Interactive Awareness-Workshops about plastic pollution in public schools in southern Nepal.

Johannes T. from JEPP e.V. | 
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About this project

The Jhuwani Environment Protection Program e.V. (JEPP e.V.) is a non-profit organization that fights the consequences of plastic pollution in Nepal through education and material assistance.

The problem: environmental pollution and destruction of ecosystems due to human activities is among the highest in Nepal. A significant problem lies in waste management and the use of plastic. While between 70% and 90% of all waste is collected in cities, this ratio is less than 50% in rural areas. All un-collected garbage is disposed of or burned in open nature. About 16% of municipal waste is made of plastic. This poses an environmental hazard with far-reaching implications. By feeding animals, plastic gets into the food chain and is broken down into smaller components that spread throughout the biosphere and pollute the groundwater. The consequences are loss of biodiversity and soil fertility as well as an increased risk to public health.

Our solution: The JEPP initiative aims to sensitize and support the local population so that they can independently decide on their use of plastics through in-depth knowledge. In workshops and seminars, the local population is developing ways to manage and implement these, thereby strengthening their own responsibility for their environment. Our local team performs hands-on activities in collaboration with local people.

The project: Three of our employees will visit all 354 public schools in the southern district of Chitwan in the coming years, where they will hold interactive workshops on the subject. The financing initially refers to one year.

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Updated at 18. March 2020