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An aid project by “Sahathai Foundation” (Jintana N.) in Bangkok, Thailand

Jintana N. (Project Manager)

Jintana N.
With a strong belief that “Every child has a right to grow up in a family environment” and an awareness of the harmful impact of institutionalization towards young children, Sahathai Foundation has been operating a Foster Family Care Program in order to answer to the unmet needs and the child’s right to grow up in a family environment.
Since 1976, the project has placed into our foster families over 3,000 babies and young children whose birth parent care was proved unsafe or impossible.
Children referred to our foster families are those from parents with different difficulties such as unwed pregnancy, divorce/separation, imprisonment, HIV infection, mental/physical impairments, and etc.
As a result of difficult circumstances, over 60% of children admitted to the foster care have different kinds of special needs such as malnourishment, delayed development, physical disabilities, HIV infection, severely congenital diseases, and etc.
Our foster parents are just ordinary people, small people readily to open their hearts and their homes to offer a tender loving care to somebody else’s child during the period that the birth parents get help sorting out their problems, or to help a foster child through a difficult period in their live.
Foster families are carefully selected, well trained, and provided with ongoing support and supervision by professional social workers.
A team of 8 social workers visits 150 children in foster families regularly to ensure that each child lives in the kind of family surroundings that provide loving care and necessary stimulation corresponding to their stage of development.
Due to the widespread of economic crisis which has decreased the amount of our incoming donations, we’ve been experiencing a challenge of finding fund needed to cover the costs of foster caring for at least 50 children!

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Location: Bangkok, Thailand

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