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Right to stay for lesbian refugee women!

A project from LeTRa Lesbentelefon e.V.
in München, Germany

Lesbians are exposed to violence all over the world. After the escape, many continue to live in fear. Homosexuality is a recognised asylum reason but the authorities do not believe them. We need money to support the struggle for their right to stay!

L. Asam
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About this project

LGBTIQ+ are discriminated against, persecuted, mistreated, forcibly married, murdered, stoned, raped, imprisoned and rejected by their families worldwide. After their escape, many continue to live in constant fear. 

Discriminated gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation are recognised asylum reasons. But the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees does not believe the story of the persecution of many refugees. 

No recognition means the concrete danger of deportation. Furthermore, this means no or difficult access to German courses or work permits. Couples cannot usually move in together. LGBTIQ+ refugees are accommodated by the authorities in shared accommodation where they have to live without special protection. Most of the camps are located in rural areas, far away from counselling centres and queer communities. 

At the moment  123 lesbians are clients of the Munich-based lesbian counselling center LeTRa. All of them had to fear in their countries of origin for their life. In for example Nigeria lesbian actions as well as commitment in LGBTIQ organizations are punished with up to 14 years imprisonment. In twelve northern states there is the death penalty by stoning. In Uganda the same is punished with life imprisonment. Political and religious leaders from Nigeria and Uganda publicly declare that homosexuality is poison.  Mobs beat, rape and murder without having to fear state consequences. 

Approximately 80% of the refugee women who are with LeTRa were rejected in the asylum procedure. Only with the support of a lawyer can the rejections be dealt with. Regular legal proceedings cost about 1200 euros. For those, which are accommodated in rural regions, the lesbian couselling center LeTRa finances travel costs for consultation, therapy or court dates. For those who ain't get no money by authorities anymore, LeTRa finances food costs. 

Your donations go to: 

  • Travel costs (Bavaria ticket 25 euro each) 
  • Fees for lawyers (1200 Euro) 
  • Food costs

Thank you very much for your support! 

LGBTIQ+ stands for people who see themselves as lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, inter* and/or queer, questioning and more.