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Musical Education for Africa

The DSG has sponsored students from Nigeria for ten years. We encourage young Nigerians to remain in their home country, to build a secure existence by teaching classical music to Nigerian children and adults.

S. Kalkbrenner from Deutsche Suzuki GesellschaftWrite a message

Musical Education for Africa 
Education is a common problem in most countries on the African continent, since many people have to cope with adverse conditions in their everyday lives. As a result of shortages in the field of food supply and health care, good education ranks low on the scale of values. 
Nevertheless, despite these circumstances there are young talented musicians e.g. in Nigeria, who have acquired a basic classical education and who wish to gain further qualifications. With their talent they bring joy to their fellow men, encouraging young people to follow them in their footsteps. Unfortunately, these countries offer little opportunity for training in the music sector. The greater part of training is achieved through private studies and tele-learning. 
Since 2009, the German Suzuki Association (DSG) has sponsored several individual students nominated by The Musical Society of Nigeria (MUSON) in Lagos. In 2010, ten young Nigerians came to Germany for the first time, taking part in a week’s training course in Königswinter near Bonn, followed by further education projects of several days’ duration in Germany.
The young Nigerians are trained by DSG music teachers working on an honorary basis and free of charge. However, the costs for the flight and accommodation amount to approx. 1,500.00 € per student. This is a year’s income in Nigeria! 
Teaching includes, for example, the correct handling of an instrument or minor repair work. Participation in a music teachers’ congress will also be paid for. All teaching material is provided by our Association free of charge. 
The duration of a student’s stay in Germany is approx. 14 days at a time. Subsequently, the students will return to their home country – like they have always done so far. 
We encourage young Nigerians to remain in their home country, to build a secure existence, and to introduce Nigerian children and adults to classical music. 
We, the German Suzuki Association, are a non-profitmaking organisation. Our aim is to promote and train young music teachers. 
Each sponsor is invited to the Remscheid Academy in November 2019 for a personal meeting with the persons sponsored by him. 
We will be grateful for ANY donation – donations in kind, e.g. string instruments, chords and accessories, are equally welcome. 

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