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An aid project by G. Ugo in Owerri, Nigeria

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G. Ugo (Project Manager)

G. Ugo
When people with ideas & passion for change come together, They find the strenght to lead a movement! Family success is advanced by by connections to economic opportunities, social networks, & quality services & support. our green project initiative centerpiece is to connect families living in tough rural conditions to the opportunities & support needed to raise happy, healthy & successful children. (tough rural /urban neighbourhood are places where concentrated poverty, discrimination, neglect & lack of investment & investment opportunity make it difficult for families to raise their children & can be in rural, sub-urban & urban settings). Green Projects Nigeria promotes these efforts through volunteering, neighbouring & outsourcing.
In cities & towns across africa, many once-great neighbourhood have fallen into disrepair as families have left to seek better jobs, better schools, & a higher quality of life. those who remain behind often have few financial resources & generally recieve poor services. through this our effort, we seek to equip & empower local grassroot community members in our Multi-Purpose Co-orperative Society to be revitalizers of their own neighbourhood through setting up of an Integrated Agricultural Investment with the target of building relationships with local neighboirhood through aid, investment & development.

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Location: Owerri, Nigeria

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