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Save Europe - Europa retten

A project from Alliance4Europe gGmbH
in Europa, Germany

"Bad officials are the ones elected by good citizens who do not vote". (Nathan) We want to protect Europe from the rise of anti-Europeans in the EU parliament, therefore we need to mobilize those parts of voters that have so far chosen to be passive

S. Stuchtey
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About this project

The challenge
We want to safeguard a pro-European majority in the EU Parliament. We fear this might not be possible in the upcoming EU Elections in May 2019 due to the rise of euroscepticism and populism. In response, we created Alliance 4 Europe.
Alliance 4 Europe
We are a group of committed Europeans that want to encourage citizen participation. As almost 60% of Europeans did not vote in the last EU election, we decided to act. We are not a party and have no political affiliation. We focus on:
We work to mobilize passive European voters, that are not addressed by traditional campaigns. Across Europe there is a fatigue towards politics, but our audience values the sentiment of friendship. We will capitalize on this sentiment to reach the non-voters via: 
-Emotional on&offline campaigns 
-Voting prompts
Pro-European initiatives are reaching out to citizens by promoting the benefits and advantages of a united Europe. We built a platform to strengthen their voices by:
-Pan-European campaigns 
-Produce and provide content
-Co-organizing events 
-Sharing best practices 
Our strategic approach is based on continuous data analysis. These insights allow us to effectively address our target audience, increase our reach and measure our impact. 
We also collect data to tackle the threat of deceptive media and fake news. To defend our goal, we also closely monitor and track questionable online sources and narratives.
Your Role:
Vote on May 26, 2019!
Donate to support our mission and enable us launch the planned activities in view of the upcoming election. All donations are tax deductible, as we are a registered non-profit charity under German law (gGmbH)