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Support for our Volunteers in the Red Light District

A project from Neustart e.V. Christliche Lebenshilfe
in Berlin, Germany

Volunteers are the life-blood of our work. Help us to increase our ability to provide them with the support they need.

Gerhard S.
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At our drop-in center in the heart of Berlin’s street prostitution scene we work with 20 volunteer workers in 5 shifts. They are currently supported through our part-time social workers. We see ourselves as the entryway to the exiting of prostitution

We would love to be able to increase our support for our volunteers, through: more trainings, finding more volunteers per shift, and equipping them to better support the work of our social workers in the drop-in center and on the street. 

Starting in January we want to increase the hours of our part-time Café Leader (who also studied social work) by 10 hours per week. This will allow her to provide greater support and coordination for our volunteers

We have promised her this position through at least Summer of 2019, trusting that we would be able to obtain the necessary finances. The cost of employment for half a year will be just short of 6,000 euro. So around 1,000 euro per month

Will we receive the needed finances? 

We are looking forward to seeing what will happen! 

P.S. Our work has been finanzed for over 11 years almost entirely by donations. Our experience: With the growth of our work has come an increase in donations. Therefore we are confident that the hourly quota can last even beyond these six months.