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Closed Help a girl in Monrovia to live safe and secure

Monrovia, Liberia

The association supports children in a country that had not yet recovered from the consequences of a long and bloody civil war when the Ebola disaster struck. There is an urgent need for action for a good future.

L. Pichler from Liberia e. V. -
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The girls who live in the house of the Margret Gieraths-Nimene Foundation Incorperate (MAGIF Home for short) in Monrovia are orphans. Their parents died of Ebola. These girls have found a safe home. They get care, love and food in a world where they would be left on their own without the home -- without perspective, 

without the chance of ever escaping poverty.
Like M. 6 years old. Her parents died during the Ebola crisis. She and three other sisters, who also live in the home, stayed with a grandmother who was already ill and could not take care of the girls. 
Or N. 10 years old, she came to the home at the age of 8. Her mother died during the epidemic. She walked alone through the streets of Logan. She was picked up by the police and taken to the Ministry of Gender. From there the girl came to us.

It costs € 420 per year to feed a girl, to provide her with clothes and laundry and to give her the necessary things for attending school, such as exercise books, pens and books.
Please donate for the girls of MAGIF Home so that they can grow up in safety and security.