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Closed Arabic- German Christmas-Concert EURABIA

Berlin, Germany

fundraising for an international sing-a-long Christmas Concert @ St. Jacobi-Church with sounds from home and afar - for a WE with a lot of feeling.

Katharina G. from Kreuzberg hilft e.V.
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Join us on third Sunday in Advent - Kreuzberg hilft and the St. Jacobi-Church invite you to our Singalong-Concert of the special kind: the Christmas Charols will be sung in Arabic and German language!  Feeling at home - yet far away from home maybe... Thanks to your support, artists from  Iran, Syria, Japan adn Germany will enchant you. With your donation we will be able to give it the special something. Thank you so much for it! sunday, 15.Dec.2019 I 12:30pm-4pm Oranienstr. 132 in 10969 Berlin.

The ensamble "Eurabia" is meant to be an intercultural bridge for people from all over the world! Everybody is welcome.