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Closed CAN-Xmas 2019

in Lucknow, India

We received a payout of €48.75

Tom Z.
Tom Z. wrote on 24-11-2021
THANK YOU to all donors to the CAN X-mas Campaigns.

Christmas is a celebration of LOVE. (Das Fest der Liebe)
And LOVE had no limits.
LOVE knows no borders.

You can express and share your LOVE by giving to our projects in Asia:
ASTHA KIRAN - the Slum-Girls-School in India -
and NAI ROSHNI - the orphanage in Nepal -

In both cases we are supporting the education and well being of underprivileged children who are hit especially had now in this time of CORONA.
In Nepal your donation will also help specific orphans who lost their families and/or homes in a devastating flood this summer.
That's why we double up your donation from our LET-LOVE-RULE-FUND.
The miracle of X-mas.

We are hoping to visit these projects this winter - but obviously that is less than certain.

LOVE is all we need ... 
also to get through this pandemic. 
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