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Berlin, Germany

“LOA: Learning Without Assigned Tasks” focuses on stress-free learning and creates a basis for joyful, independent learning in a non-judgmental environment. Free ideas for everyone, young or old, are available at

A. Peters from Yaylas Wiese e.V.
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Those who learn complete assigned tasks. 
Those who teach assign the tasks. 
That’s how it is, and that’s how it has been. But it doesn’t have to stay that way, because: 

In order to be able to do something with true proficiency and skill, fulfilling assigned tasks is not enough. 
Our Thesis: People who successfully learn by completing assignments have had experiences and Aha-moments before they were assigned any tasks. They have already laid a foundation for successful learning before they are expected to complete assignments. 

Out of this idea comes “LOA: Learning without Assigned Tasks,” which we have developed and successfully practiced for many years. More and more people have discovered that they can learn with joy and without stress using LOA, and that they can actively pass learning on to those around them. 

With LOA, I don’t feel like a servant or a chore-completer. Rather, I am self-aware, I take charge of my own learning, and I follow my own path. I feel safe in my classroom and with my fellow students, because through LOA I learn to help myself and others, and I can always rely on non-judgmental and confident assistance.
On our website, we the LOA-team and many LOA-fans aged 9 to 90 show you how we integrate learning into daily life, from language acquisition to mathematics to fun ways to spend our free time. Our goal is to actively use and apply our knowledge so that we won’t forget it later. 

Please feel free to explore our website and try some things out yourself – or develop our ideas further! Content is available in German, English, Farsi, Arabic, and Turkish. 

We are academically accompanied by Prof. Dr. Sandra Niehbuhr-Siebert, director of the language curriculum at the FHCHP in Potsdam, who works closely with us to develop the nurturing and effective LOA method. 
IMPORTANT: We know that there are many people who are looking for new ways to learn, but who don’t have the money to pay for it. That is why LOA will ALWAYS REMAIN FREE AND ACCESSIBLE TO EVERYONE.

We want to learn together, shape our lives together, and finance LOA together, so that we can continue to foster joyful and stress-free learning, and help everyone discover the world in their own way.