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Construction of a school for Chitondo

A project from solar learning e.V.
in Quissico, Mozambique

In Chitondo a solar plant is to be built by the inhabitants themselves. Children will be trained in solar technology. So Chitondo can take its future into its own hands. Only the money to build the necessary school building is missing.

Michel S.
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About this project

 The idea of the project o saber solar (= solar learning in Portuguese) is to enable the inhabitants of this village to generate their own energy and take their energy future into their own hands. Currently, many children stay with their families instead of going to school to help their parents with agricultural tasks. In addition, the inhabitants use kerosene lamps, which can be dangerous and cause certain costs. 

We propose to change that. In cooperation with the village community, a solar system will be installed on the roof of the village school. This installation charges the batteries during the day. Each child receives a battery, and at the end of the day this battery enables the operation of a lighting system. This light system can be opened and repaired. At school, students are trained in solar technology. The  vision of the project is to enable the community to generate its own energy and at the same time create jobs in this area. 

The current school does not have the appropriate structure to support the solar system. 1.600 € is required for the community to build a new school. If you can, send a donation. 

Eugenio is our local partner. He welcomes everyone who is interested in the project to Chitondo!