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Protection for the indigenous tribe Huni Kuin in Brazilian Amazon

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Due to the election results in Brazil, the rainforest and the indigenous tribes are massively threatened. We are all called to protect the last great living forest - the lungs of the earth - and also the last retreat for indigenous cultures.

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Reclaim the forests.
Reclaim our future.

Why now?
Due to current events, we are now calling on all people to donate money to buy land in the Brazilian rainforest for the preservation of the indigenous peoples, flora and fauna.

We will buy the first piece of land in Acre,  Brazil in the municipality of Jordao. We have had personal contact with the native tribe of the "Huni Kuin" - the true people - for over 5 years. The land for sale there borders on today's Huni Kuin reservation, is about 50 hectares in size. It is located directly at the Rio Jordao and is offered for 25.000 Euro (100.000 Rs).
The buyer is the cooperative "Aru Kuxipa" of the Huni Kuin. The cooperative was founded by them in 2017 in order to be able to distribute funds for basic supplies independently and at fair prices. In the future, the cooperative will also sell its own regional products to strengthen the independence of the Huni Kuin.

In principle, land is to be bought in the Amazon in order to bring it into private ownership and thus protect it from exploitation and offer the indigenous people a permanent habitat. What the reserves have done so far will not be safe in the future. The reserves are state-owned and therefore now under threat. The task will be to convert the land into private property or to buy back land that is already privately owned for the indigenous people.

The donated money will be used to secure land for the indigenous cultures and at the same time to protect the forest

Haux. Haux. (beginning, ending, harmony)

We want to keep this project as transparent as possible, if you have further questions please contact or visit us online:

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