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Funded New heating system for the buddhist monastery Lilienhof Sirisampanno

31629 Estorf, Germany

The Lilienhof e.V. invites you, getting in touch with yourself and silence. May you be in your heart, finding truth and peace. Right now the monastery is in cold - you can see your own breath inside the building - contribute for a new heating system.

C. Mentele from Lilienhof e.V. Sirisampanno Kloster | 
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About this project

Every day we are confronted with time pressure, expectations and interpersonal challenges. The Lilienhof is a place where 'looking inside' is taught. A place where we experience peace and learn how to deal with ourselves and our fellow human beings in a more wholesome

Meditation and mindfulness
At the Lilienhof you can get to know Buddhist mindfulness practice, meditation and ways of inner devotion. You are cordially invited - maybe you would like to try a weekend in silence or deepen your practice?

How can I help?
At the moment, a new heating system is needed, because the old one is irreparable after several attempts of repair - therefore, 13.000 € are needed. With a new heating system, consumption and pollutant emissions are reduced and the residents and guests can stay in the house again. The house is currently without heating, exposed to the cold. We help ourselves out with small electric heaters.

What is the Lilienhof?
The Lilienhof e.V. is a non-profit organization that supports the Sirisampanno monastery, at which paths to inner insight are taught on the basis of the Buddha teachings. Its existence relies on the help of voluntary and financial supporters. An old farm in the midst of nature has been acquired and is being developed step by step in order to make the place accessible to people for inner contemplation. Further information and dates:

What will happen next?
After completion, the residential building will be used for retreat and accommodation for nuns and monks. In the future, the retreat guests will be accommodated in the barn. In the last years, rooms could be renovated in the dwelling house, new windows were inserted. The garden has become a small oasis. In 2019, the barn roof will be renewed, whereupon approx. 5 guest rooms, sanitary facilities, a dining and a meditation hall can be built. With every financial contribution, further work can be done to make the monastery accessible to the public. 

Why are we doing this?
So much noise about nothing,
so much doing where nothing is missing,
so much fighting where there's peace,
so much too much, too fast, too big. 
- Hanna (Mae Chee Sirisampanno) - 

Buddhist practice teaches us - free from expectations - to act from the bottom of the heart. Free from holding on to views, ideas or material things, wise human beings follow their path selflessly with an open heart and firm trust. 

The Sirisampanno Monastery would like to thank all the supporters and donors who have already made it possible for the monastery to be where it stands today, as well as all those who will contribute to it in the future. May all beings experience unconditional peace and happiness.
Updated at 20. October 2020