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"Learning through travelling" - courage for teenagers and their path

A project from Ideen³ e.V. // Räume für Entwicklung
in Berlin, Hamburg, Germany

"Learning through travelling" is a 4 day personal development training of Navigaia Journeys for teenagers in transition, which takes place in schools with the aim of encouraging them for their own life path through the analogy of a travel experience.

V. Mercks
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About this project

To find one's own path isn't that easy. Our experiences in working with socially disadvantaged youngsters have shown us that: The tools used in school to prepare young people for their life after school are not enough. It needs more than the classic career orientation, so that young people can get to know themselves better, their visions, strengths, their own path way and to go more confidently in the next chapter of life. Society doesn't accompany the transition from puberty to adulthood enough even though, we believe, this phase is very important for personal development and the later life. This lack of preparation leads to young adults without self confidence or direction in life. In addition, it is unfair that travelling and abroad experiences are often only available to socially privileged. 

Our target group
"Learning through travelling" is an innovative personal development training that we developed especially for (socially disadvantaged) young people in transition (eg. after school).

What "Learning through travelling" is about:
It is a travel simulation in which the students do not have to leave the city of their school. Topics such as, "my vision", "my strengths", "curiosity", "challenges", "feelings", "encounters", "other cultures", "calming down and perception", “intuition” can be found on the school "timetable" for a few days. The topics are based on what we learned during travelling and which we find very important for life in general. Especially for teenagers, who for various reasons have not yet come into contact with the subject of travelling and experiences abroad, this is a great way to get a taste of the world of travelling in a safe setting.

Our methodology:
We want young people to learn holistically - with their mind, hearts and bodies. This is also reflected in our methodological approaches from various (pedagogical) areas: experiential education, bodywork, dance, mindfulness research and theater.
These are just a few examples of the diversity through which we create our very special spaces of experiences.

What already happened:
This year, we had two trainings at two different schools (Berlin and Hamburg). They were both very successful and showed what "Learning through travelling" can do with the young people in only a few days. 

Here a nice quote of one of the 16-year old students:
"Hey, I wanted to thank you again for everything. I had incredible days with you even though it was very short. I never thought I would enjoy it so much. I'm so thankful, thanks to you, I had the chance to get to know myself better. " 

Your support:
With your contribution you support that young people believe more in themselves, discover new things, master life's challenges more confidently and come into contact with the subject of travel and abroad experiences. You support us in conducting our training at a school in Germany. More Infos about Navigaia Journeys: who runs the project.