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Support our Digital Women Program!

München, Germany

The Digital Women Program aims to support digital skills, to build up a network and to empower independence.

A. Bathel from ReDI School of Digital Integration gGmbH | 
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About this project

The Digital Women Program aims to ensure the empowerment of refugee women, building up their own network, digital knowledge and independence. ReDI School of Digital Integration wants to offer fair possibilities to help them get a good start in Germany and to improve their opportunities in the jobmarket, especially the IT industry.


After 2 years of coding classes for newcomers, we had to realize that just 10% of our participants were female. To change this, we developed pilot projects and co-creation workshops together with women of various backgrounds to find out what exactly they need and wish for. 
Aiming at a program that fits for these women, we are running our "Digital Women Program" in Munich since September 2018 every Saturday. For our 50 female students we provide childcare, translators on site and 30 volunteering teachers from the IT sector.
Originally we planned with 25 participants since we currently just have a part time employee that is responsible for the project. Due to the enormous demand, the current number of participants is twice as many whereas the number of employees stayed the same. To keep our project alive, to still help women create new employment opportunities and a better integration into society and to grow even more in the next semester, we need your support.
Updated at 18. March 2020