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Closed Construction of a hall for stilt and theater training in Mardin /Turkey

Artuklu/Mardin, Turkey

In a small cultural institution in the Mardin region in eastern Turkey, close to the Turkish-Syrian border, an exercise room for refugee children and adolescents is to be built. This allows for year-round support.

W. Hauck from dieKunstBauStelle e.V.
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In eastern Turkey, the Art Anywhere Association (Her Yerde Sanat Derneği) runs a Circus School (Sirkhane Social Circus School), where many children are taken care of by refugee families from Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan. Here is now to be built into an exercise room, which allows the whole year the care.

Volunteers and a small team of trainers and social workers take care of the children who would otherwise have no educational opportunities in the district Mardin.

In addition to music and design, the "social circus" plays a very special role. Since 2014, the theater DIE STELZER from Landsberg am Lech has introduced and supervised its decades of experience in the field of "stilt walking", "stilt theater" and "theater on stilts".

With the stilts, Turkish "wooden legs", the "little ones" come out big and gain in self-confidence, So this acrobatic display technique has become an important method in the trauma pedagogy.

In the small branch, 10 kilometers outside the city, the so-called "Istasyon" already exists a small institution in which the children and young people have a protected space for the activities.

But Mardin has a slight 45 ° C in the shade in summer and snow in winter. Therefore, a small hall is urgently needed, in which the training can take place.

With € 4,000, a sunken building can be renovated and expanded as an training room, which is then about 14 x 8 meters in size.

Once the money is together, it starts!

Cultural Relief - Teaching the trainers

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