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studies for Wangyal

A project from nilam e.V.
in HP 176215, India, India

Tsering wangyal is a young man from Darjeeling whose biggest dream is to become a Thangka Painter - and a master of this complex and beautiful Buddhist Art!

N. Kossak
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Wangyal and his big dream of drawing

Tsering Wangyal was born in Darjeeling as the third of five children. There he finished school after 12th grade. When he was 22 he came over to Ladakh to visit a relative who is living in the capital of Leh. It was he who told Wangyal to apply for a job as a teacher in the remote valley of Zanskar. As neither Wangyals mother Tsering Yangchen nor his father Lakchung who both came as refugees from Tibet to India in the 1960s had any income of their own, Wangyal decided to go to Zanskar to be able to support his family.

For the next five years Wangyal stayed as a math and sports teacher at SECPAD middle school in Zanskar. Living in the hostel of the school, he was also sharing his spare time with the children and became a good friend to many of them.

The responsibility he felt towards his students and his parents left no space for any thoughts about his own future.

But whenever he found some time he greatly enjoyed studying art by drawing beautiful images of Buddha and other Buddhist deities. For he would have loved to become a professional thangka painter one day, it was this lost dream that filled his eyes with a certain sadness that spoke the words Wangyal would never say.

When nilam heard about the big dream of Wangyal to study thangka painting at the International Tibetan Thangka Arts Institute in Dharamsala just like his younger brother Thupden did, we decided that we needed to help Wangyal.

In March 2011 Wangyal took his belongings and arrived in Dharamsala. We were more than just happy to be able to tell him that we had collected enough money for him to begin with his studies at the ITTA where his brother is in his 5th grade now.

Ever since the devotional love and fascination for his Thangka studies are growing. Every letter and picture of him proves the change that is taking place since he started to live his dream and to understand and see that there are many ways of support if one truly believes.

Wangyal will have to study for approximately five years, until March 2016.
Sometimes he and his younger brother Thupden think about opening their own Thangka shop one day, maybe in Darjeeling, close to their family.

To ensure that nilam can support Wangyal until he will have an income as a Thangka painter when he has completed his studies at ITTA, we need your help. Any donation, small or big, can help Wangyal and his dream. The donations are used for his admission, a room where he can stay, food and the monthly financial support for his parents that Wangyal took care of before.

Thank you - thuk che che!